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Have you ever wondered how to get the most out of your savings?

If you are tired of having your money stagnant in a savings account that gives you a meager 1.5% annual interest rate, when it could be yielding from 7% to 18% in dollars and 24% to 30% in colones, with investment projects that have a real support guarantee. We are going to tell you how you can join other investors and turn that idle money into a true additional source of income thanks to our alternative finance model and our digital investment platform or Marketplace.
Alternative Finance

Powered by people

Real Estate Crowdfunding And Crowdlending

Crowdfunding is a new alternative finance model that allows a group of people or investors to collaborate with each other joining their capital, in order to harness bigger investment opportunities and receive better profits than investing individually.
If the investment opportunity involves the purchase of a property or real estate asset, this model is called Real Estate Crowdfunding. On the other hand, if the opportunity involves providing capital for a business project, such as financing an SME, this type of collective financing is called Crowdlending. This form of financing for small and medium-sized enterprises has two basic benefits. Firstly, it allows support for SMEs which, according to the latest SME Status Report from the Ministry of Economy, Industry, and Commerce, generate 36% of Costa Rica's GDP and 34% of formal private employment. Secondly, it allows individuals to invest their savings and achieve higher returns than they would receive from a bank.


Advantages of the Model

Why you should invest with us?

We are a group of financial advisors with more than 30 years of experience in the banking and finance industry, specialized in the growing collaborative finance sector. But honestly all this experience means nothing, without principles and strict work ethic. That’s why we are guided by a series of values that confer meaning to our work.
While we want to give our investors the best returns on the market, our primary goal is to preserve their capital through careful risk analysis and management.
We are aware that to acquire and retain customers we must provide the best level of service at all times. Unlike traditional financial institutions, we understand that our clients are people, not numbers or statistics.
We want to revolutionize the savings and credit sectors through the development of an online financing market with the most advanced technology for the benefit of our investor clients and credit applicants.
Value proposition
We are committed to reduce the costs of financial intermediation offering a more affordable financing for companies and a more attractive return for our investors.
Due to its versatility and ease of participation, crowdfunding is currently the most popular alternative financing model in the world. According to the most recent statistics, only in the United States during 2021 this way of obtaining improved resources will raise $17.3 billion, growing a dizzying 33.7% compared to 2020.


These results are not by chance, crowdfunding in any of its forms, Real Estate or crowdlending, offers a series of advantages that have taken over an important part of the economy in a very short time. Among the reason for this sky rocketing growth are:
Open and collaborative approach:

It gives anyone who has savings the possibility of joining with others under equal conditions, to directly finance large projects contributing only with a small part of the capital needed.

Higher profits:

This financing model is an alternative because it does not require the participation of traditional intermediaries such as banks, cooperatives, finance companies or independent lenders; that charge high commissions and that also subject the process to numerous and complex procedures, making it slow and expensive. Fewer brokers means lower brokerage fees, higher profitability and higher profits.


The process has absolute transparency and the supervision of a complete team of experts who study each project in depth to analyze the risk and ensure its profitability. Additionally, people who invest in a project or property will always have a legal document made by a notary public that offers them a real guarantee of support for the investment.

OK, now that we have gone through the basic concepts, let’s talk about how to make the most out of your money.
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