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How can we help you?

Simply put, our job is increase your capital in a safe and simple manner, so you can grow your business or your net worth… well, or both.In order to do that we’ve become experts searching and founding sound investment and credit opportunities within the alternative finance model. But what is this new financial approach and why are we so bullish about it? We will explain it shortly. For now let us end up the -how can we help you- idea by summarizing our main services:
We can help you grow your money through capital allocation on diversified credit products and exposure on real estate developments. Nothing new here really, right?. Well the way we do it, on the other hand, is completely new. Because we empower common people and professional investors alike to collaborate with each other, so they… (we mean you) can go for bigger and better investment opportunities.
Our alternative finance model, contrary to bank loans, does not includes traditional financial intermediaries. This way businesses’ owners and entrepreneurs could negotiate their terms of agreement directly with investors, taking out the ever increasing costs of traditional banks. Excluding banks from the financial operation we can transfer the benefits to you, our client. Now start to see the beauty of alternative finance.
Business Consulting
Last but not least, we provide expert advice. We go under the hood to check how your business is doing on several areas, so you can take advantage of a truly integrated service that secures both your business and investment plans.
Accounting, finance and taxation

Strategic cash flow management in line with your growth expectations. We provide expert advice regarding bank procedures, tax reports and market analysis to find the best opportunities for financing your business project.


Shield your business and keep it up to date on labor and commercial law to avoid any conflict with employers or competition. Additionally, we carry out notarial procedures such as powers of attorney, deeds, records, etc.

Marketing and advertising

In order to provide your business with a strong brand presence we team up with marketing, design and copy writing experts to develop your ideal brand strategy.

Operational audits

We evaluate your business’s operations and determine ways to improve them.

Special Reporting

Let us take a deep look into your business to find strengths that can be harnessed or weaknesses that needs to be addressed. Market analysis, profitability, feasibility, costs, customer service and production processes, among others.

How does alternative finance work?


Companies or project promoters apply for financing through our online platform by completing a quick and easy application process.


Howlett Capital reviews the application and assigns a risk note.


Once the credit is approved, we coordinate the payment of the installments, we make the reports to the investors and we coordinate all the administrative management of the financing.


Once the project enters the investment portfolio or Marketplace, investors choose which ones to participate in and the amount of their participation. In this way they create their own investment portfolios, distributing their capital among a variety of projects that allow them to diversify risk.

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