Mortgage loan to invest in San Jose, Santa Ana.

Goal: 13,000,000.00
13,000,000.00 Pledged
4 Backers
0 Days Left

Term: 3 Years





Warranty: Mortgage
Tipo de Ingreso: Composite
Periodicidad Ingresos: Monthly
Cuota Intereses:

The company

Company with more than 13 years in the market, which has extensive experience in different types of projects leading the market with development, construction, consulting and sale of equipment for irrigation systems.

The project

Project consists of raising capital to complete a work that was won in a tender with the municipality of San Ramon, in order to complete the commitment and be able to receive the income assured with said tender.

Description of the Activity

Development and construction of engineering for irrigation and water management,

Investment plan

Working capital, for participation in the tender of the Municipality of San Ramon.

Company information
Represented industry: Construction
Years of experience: 13
Company Name: Tecno Hidraulida
Quantity of employees: 5
Kind of person: Physical
Company Categorization: SME
Exact location: San Jose, Santa Ana

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