Mortgage loan to invest in, Puntarenas Monte verde

Goal: 10,000,000.00
10,000,000.00 Pledged
1 Backers
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Term: 2 Years





Warranty: Mortgage
Tipo de Ingreso: Simple
Periodicidad Ingresos: Monthly
Cuota Intereses:

The company

Family business, with more than 6 years of being in the market, with a stable client portfolio, and with an excellent location near the main neighborhoods and on the main street, the business has its own premises so they do not pay a fixed cost of rent and work among family members who live on the same property.

The project

Project seeks to finance the growth of a mini super family, located in Puntarenas Monte Verde, an area of high tourist flow and constant growth, the project consists of remodeling and purchasing inventory to supply the strong demand. the project is backed by a property with construction. with a land of 3,700m2 and a constriction of 160m2.

Description of the Activity

Mini super traditional, sale of groceries for household consumption in the area,

Investment plan

remodeling and purchase of inventory to meet the high demand for quarantine that exists at the country level

Company information
Represented industry: Grocery Retail
Years of experience: 6
Company Name: Mini Market
Quantity of employees: 4
Kind of person: Physical
Company Categorization: SME
Exact location: Puntarenas Monte Verde

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