Mortgage loan to invest in Heredia, San Rafael

Goal: 16,000,000.00
16,000,000.00 Pledged
1 Backers
0 Days Left

Term: 1 Years





Warranty: Mortgage
Tipo de Ingreso: Simple
Periodicidad Ingresos: Monthly
Cuota Intereses:

The project

Project consists of financing part of the construction of a residential house located in an area of high added value in Heredia, San Rafael, the owner of the project has already covered most of the construction, already has some advances, such as earthworks, walls and building permits.

The Lot has an appraisal of ¢40,000,000, a project that is characterized by financing less than 50% of the current commercial value of the property and added to that, as the construction works progress, the property will be valued at a higher amount, according to the construction footage and finishes, projecting an average total value at the end of the project of about ¢70,000,000. Achieving a sufficient guarantee that charges more than 4 times your investment.

Description of the Activity

Retired physical scientist, who develops business as a consultant for a law firm.

Investment plan

Working capital for construction of residential property

Company information
Represented industry: Consulting
Years of experience: 20
Quantity of employees: 0
Kind of person: Physical
Company Categorization: SME
Exact location: Heredia, San Rafael, Adjacent to residential la Joya

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