Mortgage loan to invest in Limon, Siquirres

Goal: 5,000,000.00
5,000,000.00 Pledged
3 Backers
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Term: 2 Years





Warranty: Mortgage
Tipo de Ingreso: Simple
Periodicidad Ingresos: Monthly
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The company

The physical person is dedicated to selling cleaning supplies and various items, as well as plastic containers, gardening, packaging, among other items, in the Tibas area, it has an excellent location and in a strategic area with a high flow of people, he says. With 5 years of experience in the industry, which generates an expectation of stability and a stable client portfolio.

The project

Natural Person seeks financing for working capital, where it will invest in inventory to strengthen the high demand it has for cleaning articles and supplies that it develops in the metropolitan area

Description of the Activity

supply cleaning implements and items to families and companies, sells retail and wholesale items of fundamental use for the optimal cleaning of different areas where their clients, offices, factories and homes operate, guaranteeing quality and a competitive price.

Investment plan

purchase of inventory to supply the high demand for acquiring new customers

Company information
Represented industry: massive consume
Years of experience: 5
Company Name: Ramirez Supplies
Quantity of employees: 2
Kind of person: Physical
Company Categorization: SME
Exact location: San Jose Moravia, San Vicente, in front of the public library

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