Crowdlending Benefits

Our innovative model provides access to certain types of assets with attractive rent-ability and low liabilities which is monopolized by the banking sector now.

Attractive performance. From 24% to 48% annually. Stable and low volatility returns. Regular and predictable income, High capacity, low difficulty. Close and real investment.

How to start investing?

  1. Sign up in the platform as an investor
  2. An advisor will be assigned to you so you can get guidance and information
  3. Choose projects that fit your objectives and start to earn money

A new way to invest

  • Our marketplace allows you to take control of your investment facilitating necessary tools and information to manage your own money by letting you obtain greater performances reducing third party interventions.
  • Greater control and flexibility on your investments.
  • Higher visibility on returns and liability.
  • Quick and easy access and availability of your capital.
  • Low fees.
  • Experts on credit management and analysis.
  • Credit and real estate investment options.