How does our marketplace work?

What is crowdlending?

Crowdlending consists of financing companies, projects or individuals by numerous investors, rather than by a single or a limited number of investors. It is an innovative model that allows financing by the financial community without resorting to the services of a bank or other traditional financial institution. The model has grown rapidly in recent years internationally. In 2013, Crowdlending moved close to 3,000 million dollars with a growth of 150% compared to 2012 and is expected to exceed 5,000 million dollars in the coming years. This growth is due to several factors: The rapid development of the internet and new online technologies; The popularity of social networks and other communities on the internet; The growing sophistication of investors, who increasingly feel capable and empowered to manage their own investments; Investor demand for cheaper, ethical and transparent alternatives to traditional financial products and services, especially since the beginning of the global financial crisis.

Crowdlending is a form of Crowdfunding or crowdfunding, a model started in the 90s as an alternative to financing musical projects. Currently, there are a number of crowdfunding models, including: Investment in the capital of companies or projects; Financing to companies or individuals (crowdlending); Donations; Social investment. Howlett Capital is a specialist in financing working capital loans to small Costa Rican companies. The benefits of the Howlett Capital platform consist of giving the investor the opportunity to participate in loans to Costa Rican companies in a quick and simple way, improving the access of companies to affordable financing and offering higher returns to investors. There are no intermediaries, no banks, no long delays. The investor can participate in loans granted to solid and carefully selected companies, in a process that eliminates the complexity and costs associated with the traditional banking system, resulting in better business for investors and companies.

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A new way to invest

Our marketplace allows you to take control of your investment facilitating necessary tools and information to manage your own money by letting you obtain greater performances reducing third party interventions.