Howlett Capital alternative financing platform.

Real estate crowdfunding and crowdlending


Howlett Capital was born in 2016 to provide investment and credit financial tools innovating the market by offering suitable services for the new sophisticated financial trends. These services are provided over a virtual platform that links investors with companies on a collaborative economy boosting the productive sector as an innovative business model.

We are a group of financial advisors with over 30 years of experience in the banking and finance industry.

We are FINTECH and regulated by SUGEF (as known is Spanish,  the General Superintendency of Financial Institutions of Costa Rica)




Crowdfunding is a method to raise money or other resources through the collective effort of people or organizations. Internet is usually the tool used to achieve crowdfunding objectives.

Real estate crowdfunding is a micro-investment system in the real estate market in which virtual platforms select and execute investments; these investments would normally consist of buying real estate to renovate and then sell after.

Crowdlending consists of financing businesses  by numerous investors instead of a single or a limited number of investors. Crowdlending is an innovative model that allows financing by the financial community without the need of a bank or another traditional financial entity. This model has grown rapidly throughout the last years worldwide. Just in 2018, crowdfunding financed approximately, 7990 millions of euros and significant growth is expected year after year.



Traditional banking offers an insufficient credit system with high operational costs that prevent businesses from having access to agile financing to develop projects. This system is not built to support small and medium sized businesses because of its exhaustive bureaucratic processes, poor response time, lack of advocacy, and cumbersome requirements during key stages of the business transaction. These are several reasons why traditional banking, in many cases, is not the best option, as it offers low performance investment products and exhorbitant fees.

Moreover, traditional banking investment tools are unattractive for the new generation of business owners who are more sophisticated, do not fear risk, and have high performance expectations.


The digital revolution brought about many changes including the way the Costa Rican population performs commercial transactions. It is necessary that all financing tools evolve and adapt to the profiles the new generations have developed to enhance operations and boost local development. It is important to build broader and more agile financial systems to satisfy  immediate needs aiming to create a wide range of options adaptable to every person’s or business’s profile.



Our Services



We create investment opportunities through capital placement in different credit products and real estate development projects.



We create agile and efficient credit facilities for all individuals and enterprises in need of strategic financing to support their objectives.



We provide enterprise consulting in multiple areas such as: accounting, financial, legal, and real estate advocacy as well as capital administration to provide an integrated service to our clients assuring success in their investment plan.

How we do it

Step 1

People and businesses request financing through the Howlett Capital online platform.

Step 2

Howlett Capital analyzes each request and ranks them according to the their credit standing and associated risk level.

Step 3

The investors create their own credit portfolios distributing their capital among a wide number of businesses and projects aiming to diversify risk.

Step 4

Howlett Capital manages the credit process and takes care of coordinating fees, payments, and capital collection.


  • Smooth processes with 24-48 hours response time
  • Simple procedures
  • Efficient financing system
  • Flexibility in requirements and negotiations
  • Competitive interest rates starting at 1% monthly
  • Credit conditions that fit your needs
  • Financial consulting for resources analysis and management
  • 100% digital process
  • 2% to 5% commission
  • Gold and Platinum programs charged based on legal fees
  • Single point of contact
  • Obtain permanent and updated loan information
  • Full and permanent access to relevant information on all operations (used capital, balance, past and future payments, rating, incidents…)
  • Other goods linked to financing are not required (payment residence, insurances for partners or guarantors, wage garnishment or any other type of compensation).
  • Rates dependent on demand and credit rating instead of banks’ commercial policies.


  • Full access to an online platform where your investment can be managed safely, assuring profitability, with low risk levels
  • Executive advocate consulting services provided
  • Non-variable interest rate provided. Howlett Capital commits to assume full responsibility of the entire operation’s risk.
  • Credit follow up and collections management
  • Access to a secondary market where shares may be liquidated
  • Investment reports access
  • Funds to cover infaults through determined periods or in full
  • 1%-10% monthly cost effectiveness rate
  • 1- 5 year annual returns
  • Performance or interests payments paid monthly, every two months or in every semester
  • Real credit guarantees
  • Interest paid during moratorium period
  • Bonus for new investor references compound fee, capital reintegration and earnings in each payment.


Professionals with high experience in the financial industry

Joel Howlett Gaitan

Founder CEO

Postgraduate In finance with six years of experience in public banking and five years of experience in real estate investment.

Herberth Howlett Wilson

Cofounder associate/ partner

Postgraduate in public accounting with over thirty five years of experience in public banking performing managerial roles in credit analysis, branch management, and accouting.

Mario Nunnari


Master in marketing, finance managment, and PhD canditate in Economics and Business. Experienced in finance, auditing, accounting, marketing, and business development. Over thirty years of experience in diverse business sectors, capital investment,credit placement, human resources, expert in finance and accounting for tax matters in Mexico, Central America, the Caribean, and South American countries.